Robert Pace Kidd
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Bas-Relief Sculpture In Leather     
World renowned gallery pieces featuring original leather portraiture, fine art watercolors,    
glicee pen & inks, and LongBoard Cowboy collectable art and T-shirts. 

Unique and hand-carved portraits and scenes are not only exquisite oil paintings but also low-relief sculptures - with amazing detail in leather. 

Skilled in the more traditional forms of painting and sculpture, Robert Pace Kidd takes an age-old medium - leather - into the realm of fine art with an exclusive technique of carving and coloration much sought by art critics and collectors alike.

Collectors and commissioned Portraits include Larry and Maj Hagman, Ronald Reagan and the Republican National Party, Dale Velzy and the Lockhead Corporation.

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Creating in a medium that combines not only two generations of knowledge in traditional saddlery, but the virtuosity of a fine artist, Robert Pace Kidd (RPK) captures the rugged individualism of the west and its people.

His commissioned portraits bring a three dimensional aspect that gives astonishing life and energy to the RPK art piece.  His type of artistry creates a living monument to a subject, unfelt in centuries. 

Using the traditional tools of saddlery and implements of his own creation, each square inch of bas-relief is hand sculpted under countless blows, indelibly recording every detail. It is a precise art, for one slip of the hammer could ruin an entire piece. 

Once the sculpture is complete fine art pigments suspended in a wax-based medium are then employed to add color. Magnifying the mood and character of the sculpted subject.  Because each piece takes several months to complete, and RPK is the only known artist with this technique,  there will never be an oversupply of his fine art. 

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