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Bas-Relief Sculptures In Leather
Select Portraits         

The portrait art of Robert Pace Kidd is recognized by an international array
of galleries, collectors, corporate art and structural art aficionados.

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Most of RPK's fine art is commissioned, a select list includes:

film industry's Carl A. Russell
and Carl's great uncle, the famed western artist Charles M. Russell 
actor Jim Davis, commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hagman (featured on the opening set of "Dallas")
Dale Velzy, Hollywood and Surfing's Longboard Legend
President Ronald Reagan for the Republican National Committee and even
Owners, Meling Ranch
Horse owners 
Countless family members

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RPK structural art works: The Murals

A  20 square foot, sculpture illustrating the history of the naval/aero-space products generated by the Lockheed Corporation - from 1898 to the present .

An 80 foot mural in oils depicting the history of Mexico on the coined ceiling - of a world class spa in Mexico.

RPK specialty wear or corporate gifts and special events promotional items:

Special edition silkscreening of RPK Prints:  for Cowboys and Indians, surfing industry, corporate and leisure wear lovers!

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Public & Private

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For more information and commission work, contact RPK direct


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