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Bas-Relief Sculptures In Leather      
Frequently Asked Questions       

Is that really leather?  Yes.

How is it done and how long does it take?  The process is fully explained on the carving process page. On that page is a series of photographs of a work in progress. An average work (14" x 18") may take 1 to 1 1/2 months. I usually work on several pieces at a time, as I do with my oils.

Will it crack or weather with age?  No!  Each sculpture is mounted on masonite and the surface is sealed by both the wax media and a final acrylic coating.  Wax media has been used since Greco-Roman times and is the best preserved art of that period. All colors are lightfast Grumbacher pigments.

Do you accept commissions?  Yes. Because of the unique characteristics of this media, especially the portraiture, the majority of my work is done on commission. Due to demand for my work and the length of time required for each piece I seldom build up much stock.

What are your terms for commissions?  Terms are 1/4 down for preliminary sketch, 1/4 due upon approval, and the balance due upon delivery.

Have any other questions?  Contact me direct!


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